Moving Hacks

Having just bought our first house, I have been trowelling the internet looking for tips on moving house. I have lived with my parents for 24 years so this is going to be the first time I move house. Callum however has moved around since a young age due to his parents being in the army.

I am going to share with you my favourite moving and packing hacks and how they benefited us.


My number one tip for moving house which can be done before moving is to have a massive clear out. Now is the perfect time to clear out junk you haven’t used in forever, clothes you haven’t worn and rubbish you have accumulated over time. Make a keep, dump and donate pile. Dump the rubbish and donate the rest. When pulling rooms apart you find a lot of stuff that’s been forgotten about. If you haven’t used it in a year chances are you wont use it again. Get rid. This is also a good time to return items you may have borrowed from friends and family. 

2. Use materials to wrap. 

This is going to save you a fortune on bubble wrap. We didn’t buy any bubble wrap to move with and just used bits we had from Christmas presents we ordered online. All our kitchen dishes, glassware, ornaments and breakables we wrapped up in dishcloths, towels, scarfs and clothing. Not only does this save money on bubble wrap and tissue paper, it also saves space on packing as your packing two things at once.

3. Use things you have already to store items.

Instead of buying cardboard boxes to move, we used the things we already had. Wicker baskets, plastic containers, shoe boxes and boxes we had lying around from online orders. Everything that can be filled fill. Shoes can be stuffed with socks to save space. Handbags, shoppers and suitcases are great examples of ways to transport your clothing or items without having to purchase boxes.

4. Free boxes.

Following on from packing up, if you still have things that need to be packed or that are too big to fit in your smaller bags, then collect free boxes. Most supermarkets such a M&S, Asda, Sainsburys and Tesco are always happy to give you free cardboard boxes when requested.

5. Don’t take your clothes off the hangers. 

I don’t really have many clothes that I hang but Callum does so this benefited him more than me. Leave your clothes on the hangers, put a bin bag over the clothes and tie at the top so all clothing is stacked together and ready to just hang in new house and remove bin bags. This saves time both ends of having to fold and re hang your clothing.

6. Label every box.

One of the mot important thing to do once youve packed up your boxes is to label them with room names. There is nothing worse than hauling a heavy box up the stairs to the bedroom when it is meant for the kitchen. This way when everyone is helping you move they know which box needs to go in which room.

7. Label every wire. 

When moving house make sure you label every wire. Put an elastic band with a tag on stating what each wire is for. That way no wires will get confused when unpacking again.

8. Take photos. 

Take photos of what things look like and how they are set up. Before dismantling things take a photo of what it looks likes up and how it was decorated. This will save time when putting things back together in the new house.

9. Essentials Bag

Pack the essentials you are going to need in a bag. Things you will need immediately after moving in. Change of clothing, toothbrush, chargers ect. Leave that bag in your own car in case removal van takes longer to arrive than you do. This is a tip a friend of mine gave me which we didn’t need to use as we didn’t use a removal company, but I still think it’s a great tip so I couldn’t resist sharing. 

10. Sort Screws.

A tip that my Dad gave me was to sort the screws. Make sure that when dismantling something you keep all the screws for that item in a sandwich bag. Write on the sandwich bag what the screws are for and attach it to the item. This saves you hunting for the correct screws when putting it back up again.

There you have my top 10 tips for packing and moving house. Next week I will post on moving with a toddler.

Thanks for reading.

Love Tilly & Archie xx

Moving House With A Toddler. 

I’m not going to lie, one of the things I was most worried about when moving house was Archie. How was he going to cope? Would he settle in ok? How would we move everything in without him getting in the way? What would he be like just having his Mummy and Daddy around instead of his Nanny, Grandad and Aunties?

It turns out I had nothing to worry about at all. He was absolutely amazing during the whole process. He took to our new house like a duck to water. My heart burst with pride with how well he has coped with it all. He has only just turned two and everything he knows has been packed up and moved into a new house, with less people and a lot less noise.

Since we bought the house he has been to it a couple of times and we have explained that it is going to be a new home for Mummy Daddy and Archie. Every time we have brought him to the house he has been so excited and not wanted to leave. We showed him the house when we first got the keys, a couple of times whilst we was replastering and painting and then finally when the carpets were laid before all the furniture was brought in we showed him his new bedroom. 

On our first day moving into our new house, I hosted a baby shower for one of my best friends and then went to the cinema with my sister so unfortunately I wasn’t there to bring Archie back to it and to help put him to bed. After the baby shower I came back to our house and Archie was SO excited to be there, he was running around opening all the boxes and having the time of his life. Once I went back out Daddy nailed bedtime, Archie went straight down and straight to sleep. He seemed so settled in his new bedroom.

Since moving in we haven’t had any problems with Archie. He in absolutely besotted with his bedroom.  When living at my mums house both Callum and I shared a room and Archie shared a room with my sister who lives away at Uni, so one end of the bedroom was hers and the other was his. There was never really enough room for him to run around in it and get his toys out so I think he is just enjoying having his own space. He wont bring his toys downstairs and play he just loves playing upstairs with them all, emptying every toy box and spreading them all out. 

Its so lovely to see him so settled and love our family home as much as Callum and I do. I cant wait for us to get some warmer weather so we can start tackling the garden and making it a safe place for him to enjoy too.

Thank you all for reading. I hope if any of you are moving house soon with little ones then this gives you the peace of mind you need. I know it was an extra stress for me with moving wondering how Archie was going to cope but I needent have worried at all. 

Love Tilly & Archie xx


And just like that we’re in. Our little family home. 

To say this week has been stressful would be an understatement. After 9 weeks of hard hard work. And a week of moving furniture, belongings, building flat pack, sorting and cleaning. We’ve done it. We’re in. Just in time for Mothers Day. 

Thing are still all up in the air, boxes still need to be unpacked. We need to find homes for everything. Shelves need to be put up and everything needs a sort through. But we’re in and I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am. Our first family home. Where we can make memories with our little boy. 

I’m going to do before and after shots of each room but not until we’ve got shelves and photos up ect. So thy might take a couple of months for everything to settle. But here are some photos of where we’re at so far. 

Love Tilly & Archie xx

Project House: Week 8.

We have carpets!!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much this excites me. The difference carpets makes is amazing. It is actually starting to look more and more like a home rather than an ongoing project now. 

We have also had the rest of our bathroom fitted so we finally have a working bath toilet and sink!! We haven’t done anything with the bathroom as of yet apart from completely tear up and relay the floor boards, fix a leak and change the bath toilet and sink. We’re hoping to re tile it later on in the summer so for now we’ve just got the broken tiles that was here when we bought the house and an off cut of carpet to line the floor. 

Whilst the carpet fitters were fitting our carpet, I took the opportunity to start tacking the garden and all the over grown half dead trees that are scattered through out our garden. I managed to tear down two trees (just leaving a stump) with my bare hands and a crappy pair of securters from Poundland. Just by taking out these little trees, it has already opened up the end of the garden a lot. 

Unfortunately the carpet fitters can broke down the morning of our fitting so we had to wait for another fitter to be free to come to us so they could only fit the rooms to start so we’ve had to wait until the end of the week to get the stairs and landing fitter. 

Now that the carpet is in, we can finally start bringing over some of our furniture and building the smaller bits here getting it ready to move in. We’re hoping we will be in by next week so going to try and bring things over in stages rather than all at once. 

This bit has by far been my favourite stage. We’ve started making it look and feel like a home and the end is in sight. I just can’t wait to move in and be living here now!! 

The next update will most likely be one saying we’re in!!! So if any of you have any tips and tricks for moving they would be greatly appreciated. 

Love Tilly & Archie xxx 

Project House: Week 7. 

This is the week where significant things have taken place. It has been the week of panic. Next week we are having our carpets fitted so we have been running around trying to get everything done that needs to be done before the carpets go down.  

A massive thing that happened this week was we got our new windows and doors fitted and they look amazing. I can’t believe how much brighter the house is with white windows apose to brown!! Not only does the colour of the windows make a dramatic difference, but having double glazing spouse to single glazing is amazing. It blocks out so much noise (not that our tiny cul-de-sac is noisy) and keeps the house toasty warm. 

We have had to have the frames round the windows and doors replastered as they got damaged taking the old windows out so we have now got a lot of painting to do touching up around those areas. 

I have mainly focussed on getting the odd bits and bobs sorted in time for carpets. Plug sockets changed, new sockets installed, painting finished and holes filled. All these things have been very fine consuming. 

Another huge thing that has happened this week is we have had our bath installed in our bathroom. Unfortunately it was a bigger job than first thought so the toilet and sink are getting installed the beginning of next week but we finally have some of our bathroom put back together. 

It has been a busy busy week but by next week when we have carpet down it is going to be oh so worth it. 

Love Tilly & Archie xx

Project House: Week 6:

How has it been 6 weeks since we got the keys to our house. In some ways it feels like we haven’t done a lot to it in that period of time and in others it feels like we have done so much.

This week things have really started taking shape. Now that the bedrooms are finished we have been able to work on the landing and down the stairs. Having the first coat on the stairs has made a massive difference. Not only is he banister now all painted white, the walls have their first coat of grey on and it really gives us an idea of how the end result is going to look.

We had the man round to measure the house for carpets this week so we have been able to order the carpets and set a date for them to be fitted (less than two weeks. Can you believe it). I cant wait for carpets to be in, it will really transform the house and we will be able to start getting some of the bigger furniture into the rooms that are finished. At this stage I’m a little bit worried that were not going to have everything done in time for the carpets to be fitted but we shall just okay it by ear. 

Towards the end of this week, the entire bathroom got ripped out and the flooring put back down as the old flooring had gone rotten and started to crumble. We have bought a whole new bathroom suite and hopefully that will get fitted next week. 

Unfortunately the windows aren’t in yet like I had hoped but they are getting started Monday. Next week is a big week for things to be done as it’s the last full week my parents are here before they go to  Australia for nearly a month. Not only is my Dad a massive hep with decorating our place, but my Mum has Archie so I can go over and paint. 

Sorry here hasn’t been much to report this week, that dodgy bathroom has taken up a lot of the week. Next week we will have new electrics windows and hopefully a painted living room. 

Love Tilly & Archie xx

Project House: Week 5

I feel like we are finally getting somewhere with the house. It is actually starting I look like everything is coming together now. 

Over the weekend we have managed to get both our bedroom and Archie’s bedroom coated in undercoat and then finally got all the walls painted the colours we want them. Apart from adding electric sockets here and there these rooms are pretty much finished now until we get the carpet laid. 

The hall way has been completely sanded down and the walls and ceiling are now ready to be undercoated. The banister is completely sanded down and is now a lovely white rather than a dark brown wood. It is unbelievable how much it has opened the room up and how much more light reflects around the room. I’m so happy with the progress so far. 

This week has mainly been a week of buying things. We have spent well over £200 on paint so far, got a date booked in next week for the carpets to be measured and on order for a couple of weeks time. And we have now decided that we are going to get the double glazing put in our windows and doors so they are all getting ripped out and installed hopefully at the end of next week. 

The last two weeks I have felt like we haven’t really got much done but this week it is finally coming together. It’s so nice to see that hard work finally paying off and our house turning into a home.

One big thing that has happened this week is out toilet literally fell off the wall. We knew already that it had a leak and that it looked like it had been taped up and not properly fixed, but since it has come off the wall we have been able to see the true damage in the bathroom. Everything needs ruling out and completely putting back in. The pipework is bodged as is he floor. We are hoping to get this done ASAP as in 2 weeks my parents fly out to Australia for 4 weeks so my Dad (our handyman) won’t be here to do any work for us. 

I’m hoping and praying by the end of next week we will have at least half the bathroom done, the windows and doors put in and a good effort of paint in the living room. I feel like we can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. I just hope it doesn’t take to long to get there. 

Love Tilly& Archie xx 

Project House: Week 4.  

So this is the week I was hoping to get ALL the painting done, carpets laid upstairs and some of the furniture moved in. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. Things are taking a lot longer than we expected. The painting isn’t finished and the carpet is no where near ready to be laid. Unfortunately this means that we are not going to be in for Archie’s birthday next week. 

Even though this week feels like we haven’t got a lot done, we have. All the plastering is finished in the house now so we have been able to get some first coats of undercoat on a few of the walls in our bedroom. The skirting boards and coving all over the house have now been undercoated and glossed as have all the doors. 

We have had a few issues with Archie’s room this week. I was hoping that come this weekend we would have it completely finished. Unfortunately the lining paper hasn’t taken to the wall and has bubbled in places and has cracked. I’m not sure if this is because it has been applied wrong or what but we’re desperately trying to fix it without having to re do the whole room. 

I’m hoping by the end of next week we will have upstairs nearly finished and be starting downstairs. 

Callum lining paper Archie’s room.

Love Tilly & Archie xx 

Project House: Week 3. 

One week to go until I’m hoping to move in and we’re no where near ready at all. I honestly don’t think we are going to be moved in in time for Archies birthday at the end of February.

This week we have had the downstairs ceilings plastered in the kitchen and the living room and the piping laid both downstairs and upstairs for the central heating. Both these things take a long time to do and have taken up a big chunk of our week. The radiators are now hung and in place ready for the heating to be turned on. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited this makes me. For the last 2 weeks we have been using a small gas fire as our only source of heat but once this got ripped out we was left with nothing.

One of my favourite things that happened this week is Callum was finally able to get rid of the hideous gas fire. The room looks so much bigger with it ripped out and it has since been boarded over ready to be skimmed with plaster this weekend.

Archie’s bedroom is now starting to look like it is coming together a lot more. All the wood work got painted white last week, I finished painting the ceiling at the start of this week and his walls are currently being lined with paper ready to be painted over the weekend. Once that is done it is completely finished apart from carpet.

The kitchen walls have now been painted and it’s just the ceiling left to paint before this room is completely finished too. We haven’t changed anything in the kitchen as we are hoping to completely tear it out and re do it at a later date. But for now everything is clean, freshly painted and rearing to go.

In regards to our bedroom I have sealed the new plaster with emulsion bar one wall which I will do after the weekend as we have decided to get another wall in our bedroom re plastered as there was a lot of cracks on it. Once that wall is plastered this weekend and we have sealed that we can get the paint on the walls then that is another room done.

I feel like this week we have ticked a lot of jobs off our list, but we have also found a lot more things that need to be done and it is the millions of little jobs that are taking the time to do.

I wanted the house to be nearly ready by the 18th as that is the weekend before Archies birthday but that only gives us a week to do a list the length of my arm. Hopefully we can get the upstairs rooms carpets laid by then so we can start moving furniture in and then we can just focus on downstairs. As long as I am in for the 25th in time for Archies birthday then I will be a happy girl. 

The result of painting the ceiling.

Love Tilly & Archie xx