The Second Trimester: Baby #2

What a whirlwind the second trimester has been. Starting it off having our 20 week scan and finishing it off celebrating Archie’s 3rd Birthday.

Sickness massively subsided this trimester thank goodness meaning I could finally start enjoying my pregnancy rather than wishing the days away with my head down the toilet.

Unfortunately I had another couple of bleeds resulting in more hospital visits and monitoring. Baby seems to be completely fine and it is not affecting its growth or health at all but is just a worry as not to sure where it is coming from.

During the second trimester I have started suffering quite badly from sciatica. Most days I am crippled on the sofa or in bed by the end of the day due to the pain that I am in. Unfortunately there isn’t really anything that can help this other than physio, support belts and trying to take it easy but that’s easier said than done when I work in retail and I have a toddler to chase.

I can’t believe how quickly this trimester has flown by. Whilst some days feel like they drag, over all the time has gone very quickly and we are now on the homestretch to meeting our little peach.

With the extra energy I’ve had this trimester I have made a conscious effort to take Archie out and enjoy our time together before he has to share my attention with a little brother or sister. We’ve been on plenty of walks, coffee and cake dates and soft play mornings so he can spend as much time with me as possible. I feel that this is really important because I want him to have fun memories with me before his sibling arrives as well as after. Obviously when the baby is born it is going to be a little difficult to get some one on one time with Archie straight away so I don’t want him to think he has missed out and take out alone time together for granted.

Archie can not wait to become a big brother and often asks when his brother or sister is going to be here.

We’re so excited to meet our little bundle and can’t wait for the next trimester to fly by.

Love Tilly, Archie & Peach xxx

Anxieties Of Having A Second Child 

I’m not going to lie since planning our second child I have worried ALOT about how Archie will react and adapt to not being an only child.

For the first 2 years of his life he lived in a house with 4 other adults so he got a lot of attention. He was the first grandchild / nephew for both myself and Callum’s family so as you can imagine he was extremely spoilt for attention.

When discussing the idea of having another baby, I always worried about how it would affect Archie. Don’t get me wrong I know he will be an amazing big brother. He’s so kind and affectionate and absolutely loves babies. But I always hated the idea that he would feel left out or replaced. It is a worry I have had from the very beginning.

His whole world is going to change. He’s not going to be the only child any more. He’s not going to have my undivided attention day in and day out. There’s going to be another little piece to our family puzzle. His little brother or sister. And whilst I know he’s going to be the best big brother, that small part of me still feels guilt and sadness that it is a big change for him. He won’t be an only child any more. He’ll have to share his Mummy and Daddy as well as his time, house and all his belongings.

As my pregnancy has progressed and my tummy has got bigger, I have tried to explain to him as best I can what it’s going to be like to be a big brother. I want him to always feel involved and never pushed away. We build furniture for the baby together, shop for clothes or necessities and even hug and kiss my belly so he can start to bond with the baby. I hope that in doing these things then he will become slowly aware of the changes that are about to take place and it not be such a big shock when it happens.

I tell him every day how much I love him and how special he is to me, these are two things I never want him to forget or doubt.

It’s going to be a huge change for us all going from a family of three to a family of four and the dynamic is going to change a lot. But I can not wait to see where this journey takes us, to watch Archie perfect his role as a big brother and for our family to grow not only by size but by love also.

I know in my heart that the gift he is getting is a gift for life. He’ll love and appreciate his sibling just as we do him. The bond they will have is like no other and for that, I can not wait.

Love Tilly, Archie & Bump xx

100 Things I did in 2017

This is the 4th year now of writing these posts on New Years and recapping on all the adventures we have had during the year. Here are 100 things thank I did during 2017. 

  1. Walked Lulworth cove on New Years Day
  2. Bought a house 
  3. Renovated a house 
  4. Lots and lots and lots of painting the house 
  5. Many Ikea trips 
  6. Moved into our first family home
  7. Completely ripped out the garden 
  8. Archie learnt to sing the alphabet
  9. Archie turned 2 
  10. Built a playhouse for Archie 
  11. Softplay adventures 
  12. Went on an Easter egg hunt
  13. Got my driving liscence back 
  14. Completed another level in Archie’s swimming lessons 
  15. Went to visit one of my besties after the birth of her beautiful daughter Harriett Ivy 
  16. I turned 25 
  17. Went on a road trip 
  18. Walked through a waterfall 
  19. Hired a boat for the day 
  20. Went to Scotland 
  21. Stayed at the Lake District (Lake Windermere) 
  22. Visited my family in Leeds 
  23. Another bestie gave birth to the gorgeous Theo Jack 
  24. Celebrated my 3rd Mother’s Day
  25. Celebrated callums 3rd Father’s Day
  26. Handmade Valentine’s Day cards 
  27. Had many Beach walks 
  28. Threw a garden party 
  29. Had many BBQs 
  30. Planted our own allotment in our garden and grew peas, runner beans and pumpkins 
  31. Sent Archie’s dummy to the dummy fairies 
  32. Had water fights with the neighbours 
  33. Had BBQs at Mum and Dads 
  34. Taught Archie how to ride a scooter 
  35. Went on my first girls weekend away since having Archie 
  36. Went to Epsom races with the girls 
  37. Had the best spa day in London 
  38. Drank my body weight in alcohol on the hen weekend 
  39. Watched 3 of my friends get married 
  40. Watched the air show 
  41. Went to Upton country park 
  42. Celebrated my cousin turning 30 with. BBQ garden party 
  43. Went to honey brook farm 
  44. Went to London zoo to feed the giraffes 
  45. Potty trained Archie 
  46. Cut out the negative nellies from my life 
  47. Built a snug under our stairs 
  48. Swam in the sea 
  49. Went on the land train at Hengitsbury Head
  50. Went to 2 christenings 
  51. Had pool parties in our garden 
  52. Had the girls over for prosecco in the summer 
  53. Won an amazing comp on Instagram from Bearandbabe
  54. Went on a spa day with my bestie 
  55. Archie went in a fire engine (his highlight of the year) 
  56. Callum and I had a date day in London 
  57. Bought some special Christmas decorations from the Disney store 
  58. Took Archie to his first messy play session (he hated it) 
  59. Went to many birthday parties 
  60. Had callums sister stay with us 
  61. Visited the Bluebell forest 
  62. Took many trips to Tewkesbury to visit callums family 
  63. Took up sewing an taught myself how to make leggings for Archie 
  64. Fell pregnant with baby Smith #2
  65. Had severe morning sickness again 
  66. Had countless trips to hospital for baby smiths little scares 
  67. Told Archie he’s going to be a big brother
  68. Saw my best friend from NZ after 4 long years
  69. Read Zoellas book club 2017 
  70. Threw a Halloween party with Archies friends 
  71. Picked pumpkins from Sopley Mill
  72. Sister came back from Australia after a year 
  73. Picked sister up from airport and surprise mum and dad (watch vlog here) 
  74. Went trick or treating 
  75. Wat he’s the fireworks on bonfire night 
  76. Archie started pre school
  77. Had many girls nights 
  78. Found out 3 of my besties are pregnant 
  79. Helped out at my auntie and uncles allotment 
  80. Took Archie on lots of “adventures” 
  81. Became brand reps / enthusiasts / embassadors for the best insta shops
  82. Waved to the dustbin men weekly 
  83. Watched Archie grow into a little boy rather than a toddler 
  84. Made tons of crafts 
  85. Fed the ducks 
  86. Heard our baby’s heartbeat for the first and second time 
  87. Went to look at the Christmas lights at Runton Road 
  88. Had many film nights 
  89. Took a visit to the German bar 
  90. Decorated our own house for Christmas 
  91. Went to visit Father Christmas (a much more successful trip this year)
  92. Had Dobby the elf stay with us the whole of December 
  93. Gorgeous Albie James was born to Archies godfather and his wife 
  94. Had our first Christmas as a family in our own home 
  95. Bought Archie a ride on tractor for the garden (he absolutely loves it)
  96. Had Callums family stay with us for NYE 
  97. Started planning Archie’s 3rd Birthday 
  98. Enjoyed buying baby bits all over again 
  99. Had amazing moments with my little family 
  100. Made memories that I’ll treasure forever 

What a year 2017 has been. It has been one of my favourite years since having Archie. 

I can not wait to see what 2018 has in store for us. A new baby brother or sister for Archie and to start life as a family of four. 

Happy new year to you all, may it be filled with love laughter and happiness. 

Love Tilly, Archie and Little Peach xx 

The First Trimester: Baby #2

To say the first trimester hasn’t gone smoothly would be an understatement. Between emergency scans, bleeding and vomiting I’ve been suffering quite badly during these first 12 weeks.

Trying for a second baby we had in the back of our minds how badly the first trimester could go. With Archie I had Hypermesis Gravardium, bleeding and a lot of trips to the hospital. Obviously every pregnancy is different so we went into this with open minds that this time it might be plain sailing. How wrong we’re we.

My 1st trimester started off pretty well, I had no signs of pregnancy at all until I did a pregnancy test 4 days before I missed a period (curiosity got the better of me). After that I had no real signs until around week 8 when I started getting bad bouts of sickness. Sickness that would leave me bedbound and unable to sit up and unable to keep any fluids down. I had a few bad weeks of this until our 12 week scan.

During our 12 week scan, the sonography couldn’t get a clear enough picture of the baby to carry out all the checks so I had to have an internal scan. This is when we found out I was actually 11 weeks and 4 days pregnant instead of the 12 weeks and 2 days I thought I was. After the scan we were obviously over the moon to see we had a healthy baby growing nicely in there but I was in a bit of discomfort from the internal scan.

Fast forward 2 days and whilst at work I started bleeding heavily. Not just the kind of blood you would expect in early pregnancy, but full on heavy bleeding. To the point my work dress, tights and underwear were saturated. Naturally I panicked and rang callum in tears telling him I thought I was misscarrying.

After being rushed to A&E and getting assessed they booked me for a scan at a local early pregnancy unit the following morning and told me to rest up that night and control the pain with paracetamol and a hot water bottle.

The next morning we went along to the EPU  and had a scan where they told us that everything was perfectly fine. They couldn’t understand why I had such a heavy bleed. I was told I had a tilted placenta and that the bleed may well have been caused by having an internal scan as it was quite a lengthy scan but they couldn’t be sure. The main thing was that the baby was perfectly fine. I was informed that I had something called a subcohorbic collection and I was likely to haemorrhage within the next few days as there was a fair amount of blood surrounding the baby but not to worry as it doesn’t seem to be affecting it.

Luckily I didn’t have any more bleeding I took it easy for a few days, got lots of rest and made sure I wasn’t over doing it.

For the rest of my first trimester sickness knocked me for six. I was spending days at a time bed ridden, only able to get up to see the Dr for an antisickness injection. It was not a nice time and not only did it leave me feeling low and exhausted, I also felt awful for Archie as I couldn’t spend any time with him and I could see it was affecting him a lot. He didn’t want to leave me and would cry if he had to go to my parents or school. He constantly worried and asked me if I was still poorly and when I would be better.  The guilt this riddled me with was unbearable so I’m praying that the second trimester runs a little more smoothly than the first.

Let me know in the comments how you’ve found the first trimester and how you combated mum guilt with an older sibling.

Love Tilly, Archie and Little peach xxx


My role as an only child is coming to an end, because mummy is expecting my new best friend. 

We’re adding a little more love to our family. 

Baby Smith #2 due May 2018 ❤️

A Letter To Archie on His 1st Day At Pre-School

To Archie,

You are 2 years and 6 months old and you are about to embark on yet another new chapter in your life. Your first day of pre-school.

Mummy can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of you. Your clever, kind, caring and oh so loving. Every single day you amaze me. The things you come out with or the way you act. Watching you grow up is my greatest joy. You bring a smile to my face and tears to my eyes.

Don’t be worried when you see Mummy cry today. I am crying because I’ll miss you. I am crying because I am putting my trust in someone else to care for you. I am crying because I am bursting with pride and excitement for you.

I want you to enjoy your new class. To learn and to play. To make new friends and have little adventures of your own. To become independent and to grow without me by your side.

I love you Archie, you’ll forever be my little boy.

Love your VERY proud Mummy xx

Major Mum Guilt. 

Since having Archie I have only ever left him once over night and that was when I was admitted to hospital when he was a year old. Apart from this time I have never had a night away from him. 

I mean don’t get me wrong I have been out of an evening and had my parents babysit but never actually left him for longer than 11 hours at once. 

On Friday I am off to London, 2 and a half hours away from my hometown, for an overnight stay on a friends hen do. 

I know whilst I’m there I am going to have an amazing time. We’re off to Epsom races, then for a lovely dinner and drinks and the following day we’re having a spa day. 

I can’t wait to just be me again. Be someone other than Mummy. Let my hair down, have a few drinks and have lots of fun with my friends. But I just can’t shake the feeling of guilt. 

Should I be spending all this money on myself when surely there’s something Archie needs?

Am I depriving Archie from my attention working the day before I go, away for 2 days then working the day after I get back? 

Will he notice that I’m not around?

What if he needs me? 

Will he be ok without me? 

What if something happens? 

I know all these questions are irrational and Archie will be perfectly fine. He’s with his Daddy. Who he loves and adores. They will be having a ton of fun he won’t even notice I’m not there. 

I very rarely spend money on myself other than on essentials. I rarely treat myself so why do I feel so guilty. 

I think as mums we get judged whatever we do. If we go out often we’re judged. If we never go out we’re judged. 

It’ll be lovely for callum to spend quality time with Archie without me there and I can’t wait to hear about the adventures they get up I whilst I’m away. 

I’m going to try and enjoy this weekend away and use it as a learning curve. 

If any of you have suffered with major mum guilt then please give me tips on how to cope with it. 

Love Tilly & Archie xx

30 Things to do before I’m 30.

Now that I am 25. I have decided to put a list together of 30 things I want to do before I’m 30. 

I have seen many of these around and we all know that I am a sucker for a list. So here is my list of thing I would like to achieve before I’m 30. 

Some of the things on this list aren’t in my hands to complete but the majority are things that I can make happen. 

  1. Get engaged 
  2. Dye my hair blonde again (and stay blonde)
  3. Get married
  4. Complete our family with more children 
  5. Extend our family home 
  6. Start my own business 
  7. Take a cross country road trip 
  8. Skydive 
  9. Visit a country both Callum and I  never been to 
  10. Plant a tree 
  11. Take a family holiday abroad 
  12. Go to a music festival 
  13. Have a boob job 
  14. Spend more time with family
  15. Have my own career 
  16. Learn to cook (better)
  17. Start a retirement fund 
  18. Start vlogging our family life 
  19. Learn a new language 
  20. Get a tattoo 
  21. Visit New York 
  22. More date nights or time focused on our relationship 
  23. Take Archie to Disneyworld Orlando Florida
  24. Focus on my family 
  25. Have a girls get away
  26. Learn to love myself 
  27. Stop holding grudges 
  28. Completely decorate our house 
  29. Take care of my body 
  30. And finally make a list of 40 things to do before I turn 40. 

I can’t wait to see how many of these I get to cross off this list within the next 5 years or what the following years bring our family. 

Love Tilly & Archie xx 

Moving Hacks

Having just bought our first house, I have been trowelling the internet looking for tips on moving house. I have lived with my parents for 24 years so this is going to be the first time I move house. Callum however has moved around since a young age due to his parents being in the army.

I am going to share with you my favourite moving and packing hacks and how they benefited us.


My number one tip for moving house which can be done before moving is to have a massive clear out. Now is the perfect time to clear out junk you haven’t used in forever, clothes you haven’t worn and rubbish you have accumulated over time. Make a keep, dump and donate pile. Dump the rubbish and donate the rest. When pulling rooms apart you find a lot of stuff that’s been forgotten about. If you haven’t used it in a year chances are you wont use it again. Get rid. This is also a good time to return items you may have borrowed from friends and family. 

2. Use materials to wrap. 

This is going to save you a fortune on bubble wrap. We didn’t buy any bubble wrap to move with and just used bits we had from Christmas presents we ordered online. All our kitchen dishes, glassware, ornaments and breakables we wrapped up in dishcloths, towels, scarfs and clothing. Not only does this save money on bubble wrap and tissue paper, it also saves space on packing as your packing two things at once.

3. Use things you have already to store items.

Instead of buying cardboard boxes to move, we used the things we already had. Wicker baskets, plastic containers, shoe boxes and boxes we had lying around from online orders. Everything that can be filled fill. Shoes can be stuffed with socks to save space. Handbags, shoppers and suitcases are great examples of ways to transport your clothing or items without having to purchase boxes.

4. Free boxes.

Following on from packing up, if you still have things that need to be packed or that are too big to fit in your smaller bags, then collect free boxes. Most supermarkets such a M&S, Asda, Sainsburys and Tesco are always happy to give you free cardboard boxes when requested.

5. Don’t take your clothes off the hangers. 

I don’t really have many clothes that I hang but Callum does so this benefited him more than me. Leave your clothes on the hangers, put a bin bag over the clothes and tie at the top so all clothing is stacked together and ready to just hang in new house and remove bin bags. This saves time both ends of having to fold and re hang your clothing.

6. Label every box.

One of the mot important thing to do once youve packed up your boxes is to label them with room names. There is nothing worse than hauling a heavy box up the stairs to the bedroom when it is meant for the kitchen. This way when everyone is helping you move they know which box needs to go in which room.

7. Label every wire. 

When moving house make sure you label every wire. Put an elastic band with a tag on stating what each wire is for. That way no wires will get confused when unpacking again.

8. Take photos. 

Take photos of what things look like and how they are set up. Before dismantling things take a photo of what it looks likes up and how it was decorated. This will save time when putting things back together in the new house.

9. Essentials Bag

Pack the essentials you are going to need in a bag. Things you will need immediately after moving in. Change of clothing, toothbrush, chargers ect. Leave that bag in your own car in case removal van takes longer to arrive than you do. This is a tip a friend of mine gave me which we didn’t need to use as we didn’t use a removal company, but I still think it’s a great tip so I couldn’t resist sharing. 

10. Sort Screws.

A tip that my Dad gave me was to sort the screws. Make sure that when dismantling something you keep all the screws for that item in a sandwich bag. Write on the sandwich bag what the screws are for and attach it to the item. This saves you hunting for the correct screws when putting it back up again.

There you have my top 10 tips for packing and moving house. Next week I will post on moving with a toddler.

Thanks for reading.

Love Tilly & Archie xx